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Driving Theory Test

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Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month

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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Give STAG your Feedback on the Proposed Tenancy Agreement

New tenancy agreements are being offered to all existing Traveller site residents, and will be the agreements given to all new tenants.

It is important to understand the terms of the agreement, and make the council aware of any terms which you think are not fair.

Southwark Council are telling residents that these agreements are fairer, giving Traveller site residents the same rights as council tenants in flats and houses.

NewTravellerPitchAgreement- Download the proposed tenancy agreement here. The part of the agreement which can be changed is Part 3- Express terms. Parts 1 & 2 cannot be changed.

If you would like somebody from STAG to look through the agreements with you, please call us on 0207 358 6818.

Tenancy Agreement Consultations

Southwark will be issuing new Tenancy Agreements to all residents on Traveller site in the coming months. There will be a consultancy process to ensure that these agreements have the support of the Traveller community in Southwark.

Tenancy Agreements will be made available to residents who currently have a licence agreement with the council.

Consultation will take place on the following dates:


  •  Thursday 21st February- Spring Tide Close 11:30am-1pm
  • Monday 25th February – Ilderton Road- 11am-1pm (Irish side first)
  • Tuesday 26th February- Burnhill Close- 1pm-2:30pm
  • Wednesday 27th February- Brideale- 11:30am-1:30pm


Please make sure you are available on these days as it is important you have your say on the new agreements.

No Advice Session Next Week (20th February)

STAG will not be hosting the advice session next Wednesday. If you need some advice or information, please let STAG know and we will arrange for you to see Louise at another time. If you have an urgent advice need we can arrange for you to see another Blackfriars Advisor.

STAG -0207 277 6172

Education- NATT+ Responds to Proposal to End Protection for Travelling Families

Currently the law protects parents of children who are not attending school if they are Travelling for economic reasons. The Government has plans to take away this protection by repealing section 444[6] EA 1996; the Department of Education believes that it results in low rates of attendance from Traveller pupils.

Click here to read the response of the National Association of Teachers of Travellers (NATT+).

If you believe it is a bad idea for the law to be changed, leave a comment here or respond directly to the Department of Education using this link. In the comment section, we advise you to say why you think attendance is low for Travellers.

Traveller Education Service in Southwark

Ofsted identified Travellers as the the most vulnerable group to underachievement in the education system. In common with many Local Authorities, Southwark has stopped providing the Traveller Education Service which aimed to tackle the inequalities of outcomes between Traveller pupils and the general population.

The evidence shows that in Southwark, young Travellers were succeeding while the Traveller Education Service was in place. These statistics testify to vast improvements in attainment from 2008-2010 and a high, steady rate of attendance throughout these years. Unfortunately, we are unable to reveal statistics from the last couple of years as the Traveller Education Service is no longer in operation. We hope that its legacy will continue to be felt, as more and more Travellers in Southwark obtain excellent results, and many go on to post-16 education and training.

These statistics prove that barriers to educational success are not insurmountable. According to the Department of Education, only 12% of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils achieved 5 good GCSEs (A*-C) in 2011- Southwark Travellers managed to exceed the overall national average (58% of pupils with 5 good GCSEs) in 2010. Congratulations to Southwark’s young Travellers and a big thank you to the Southwark Traveller Education Service.

Have you been affected by the cutting of Southwark Traveller Education Support Service (STESS)? Please leave a comment.




Do you need help finding a school for your child?

Southwark’s School Preference Advisor- Liam White – is available every Wednesday from 9:30-12:30 at Peckham Library to advise you.

Peckham Library, 122 Peckham Hill St,
Peckham, SE15 5JR. 09:30am – 12:30pm

This will be to assist parents on a variety of issues within
the admissions process.

Southwark Parent Partnership – Liam White
Tel: 0207 525 5211 Twitter: @SchoolprefLiam

Static Home Companies that rents to Travellers

Glossop Caravans

Main A57,Brookfield
SK13 6JF

Tel: 01457 868 011

C Jenkins & son

East Mascalls farm
East Mascalls lane
West sussex
RH16 2QN

Tel: 01444 482 333

Caravan rental Solutions Company

Tel: 0844 375 6535


If you know of any other companies please can you comment and leave their details,Thank you!

Southwark School Term Times

You can find Southwark School Term times on Southwark Council’s Website.


Monday 7 January – Friday 15 February
Half term Monday 18 February – Friday 22 February
Monday 25 February – Thursday 28 March


Thursday 28 March – Monday 15 April


Monday 15 April – Friday 24 May
(May Bank Holiday will be taken on 6 May)
Half term Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May
Monday 3 June – Wednesday 24 July


Good Friday 29 March 2013
Easter Monday 1 April 2013
May Bank Holiday 6 May 2013
Spring Bank Holiday 27 May 2013
Summer Bank Holiday 26 August 2013

Joint Site Visits

Paul (Traveller Housing officer) & Louise Constantino (Benefit Housing adviser officer) will be visiting the four Traveller sites in Southwark to discuss with each individual any outstanding arrears and other issues and also to introduce Louise and to give residents some information on what things Louise can support them with.

Dates for each Site:
19Th Feb 2013- Springtide Close
26th Feb 2013- Burnhill Close
12th Mar 2013- Brideale Close
13th Mar 2013- Ilderton Road