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Driving Theory Test

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Applying for Schools in Southwark

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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Want a Career in Driving? Great Opportunity for Southwark Travellers!

Great news for Southwark Travellers who are interested in starting a career in lorry driving! We know there are many Southwark Travellers who would like to earn a living in lorry driving, but the cost of the test (over £1000) is too high for most. That’s why we’ve applied for funding to help 5 Southwark Travellers take the test. Lorry driving is a great way of earning a living; drivers earn above the national average and can take home £400-500 per week after tax.

STAG is looking to support 5 Travellers by funding their practical lessons and test. STAG is able to cover the costs of 5 days of training and the practical test. We are only looking to fund people who are serious. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Only people who are aged 21-35, have a clean licence, can pass a driver’s medical (a blood test for diabetes and levels of alcohol/drugs, eyesight test, blood pressure test and questions about your medical history) and have no pending court hearings can apply. These are not STAG’s rules but the rules for taking the test.

  • We want people who are 100% committed. To prove this commitment, you will have to study to pass the theory test and demonstrate this (taking a test in STAG’s office). You will also have to pay for your own medical (cost vary from £50-150- STAG can help you arrange your medical). Finally, you will have to complete a D2 form from the DVLA- again STAG can support you with this.

  • The theory test is difficult. Much more difficult than the theory test for a normal car. If you are a member of a Southwark library, you can practice online for free. You can practice for the test in STAG’s office if you need to. You need to pass the theory to be accepted to take the practical test. As well as this test, you will need to take a test for the Drivers’ Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) which involves more study.

  • We can only fund 5 people. We want to support a variety of people from different sites and families. However, the final decision on whether you can take the test will be down to the National Driving Centre. Even if you pass your theory and medical, you could still be turned down by the National Driving Centre’s assessor.

  • The practical test (LGV category C) is difficult, very difficult. Only 44% pass the test 1st time. We can’t pay for retakes.

  • Even if you pass, finding a job is difficult. We will support you in trying to find job interviews and help with CVs, however many people with the licence struggle to find a job as employers often want people with experience. You are not guaranteed a job even if you pass the test.

Still interested? Please let us know by calling 02073586818 or emailing STAG has all necessary paperwork in the office.

If you would like to start practising for the theory test:

  1. Become a member at a Southwark library. You will need to take a proof of address to a library to do this. If you are a member of the library, you can use the Internet for free 1 hour per day.
  2. Go to and make an account using your new library card account number.
  3. Under the heading ‘Select your test type:’ choose ‘LVG’.
  4. Start practising!

How Should Southwark Council Spend Your Money?

Southwark council is going to make savings of 7% in the next year. They are asking where the savings should be made. If you’d like to have your say- why not balance the budget yourself on Southwark’s Budget Simulator .

Southwark Council has a budget of £1.1 billion.

Last year it spent:

£105 million on Adult Services (care for adults with physical disabilities, services for adults with mental heath illnesses, care for older people, support for adults with learning difficulties etc).

£86 million on Children’s Services (child protection services, supporting vulnerable and disabled children to access education and training, youth work etc).

£72 million on Central and Support Work (Council’s finance department and billing, HR, Insurance, Council’s IT etc).

£38 million on Environment (Highways, parks and open spaces, waste and recycling, street cleaning and community safety etc)

£26 million on Housing and Community Services (Customer services such as One-Stop-Shop, homeless and housing options services, community engagement, voluntary sector grants and contracts etc).

£22 million on Public Health (Substance misuse, escual health, school nursing and immunisation, health advice etc).

£10 million on Culture, Libraries and Leisure (including sports services, museums, adult learning etc)

£3 on Regeneration and Planning (planning and transport etc).

Where would you make the savings? What should the Council spend less on? What isn’t funded enough? Let them know by using Southwark’s Budget Simulator .

How to Become Self-Employed

Click the above link to watch the video made by London Gypsy and Traveller Unit about how to become self-employed. Full of useful information.