Do you need professional advice?

Do you need quality, professional advice? Although the drop-in advice sessions at STAG have now stopped, Blackfriars Advice Centre is still providing a service for Travellers in the area and STAG are More »

Driving Theory Test

Passing your driving theory can be tough. If you are a Southwark resident, there is free driving theory test practice available. All you need is to have a library number. Follow the More »

Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month

Should all schools celebrate GRTHM in June? Yes, all schools should. No, but schools which have Traveller, Gypsy and Roma students should. No, no schools should. If you would like to find More »

Applying for Schools in Southwark

For the most accurate up-to-date information on applying to school in Southwark it is best to use Southwark Council’s website or call 0207 525 5337. All school applications have to be done More »

CSCS Cards

What is a CSCS Card? The CSCS Card is used by the construction industry to make sure that all workers have enough Health and Safety knowledge to work on a construction site. More »

Make Money From Your Creative Skills!

Do you make greetings cards, jewellery, prints, badges, headband, soft furnishings or anything else? Would you like to sell it in a shop? Spark is a ‘pop-up’ shop about to open in More »

Monthly Archives: October 2013


Little info about Halloween:

Halloween is on the eve of a major Catholic festival, All Saints (1st November) and the eve of the pagan Celtic festival known as Samhain.

three days between 31st October and 2nd November see pagan and Christian celebrations intertwined in a fascinating way and is a perfect example of superstition struggling with religious belief.

Currently, it is widely thought that Halloween originated as a pagan Celtic festival of the dead related to the Irish and Scottish Samhain, but there is no evidence that it was connected with the dead in pre-Christian times.

November 1 is All Hallows’ Day, or All Saints’ Day. The festival has its roots in Pagan festivals surrounding the Autumn season as well. Various traditions of singing, lighting candles, and rituals toward off evil spirits or put the dead at peace evolved in several different cultures. The commercialization of Halloween originated in North America. It has something to do with All Hallows Day. They would dress up as scary things to scare away the evil monsters and spirits. Halloween is the evening before All Saints’ Day. For me it’s just a day for me to wear costumes and trick or treat.

Uk Storm 2013

The big storm 28/10/13

Local information

Old Kent Road remains shut both ways between Glengall Rd and Avondale Sq due to fallen scaffolding, traffic is on diversion. Expect delays.

National information.

17yr old dies – tree crushed the mobile home she was living in whilst her family home was been built
Leyton- scaffolding crushes loads of parked cars
man dies in Watford tree crushes his car
270,000 homes without electric
Storm has caused a major problems on public transport

School Applications Deadline Fast Approaching for next year

We’re not yet half way through the first term of school this year but now is the time to be thinking about the next school year.

If you have children in year 6 at primary school, you have until 31st October to make an online application for their secondary school.

All applications are now done online. If you would like support, you can either contact Southwark’s School Preference Advice Service (Liam White – 020 7525 5211) or STAG on 0207 358 6818. We can discuss what type of school you are looking for and help you with the online application which can be found at

Act quickly to have the best chance of getting your first choice school.

Want to Check Out the Eden Project??

The Eden Project is an environmental project in Cornwall which attracts around a million visitors every year. The project is a series of massive greenhouses which house different natural environments (tropical, Mediterranean etc). It’s the nearest you can get to a tropical holiday without leaving the UK…

If you’d like to go, there is an organisation in Peckham organising weekend trips to the project. Give us a call if you’d like to go for free.

0207 277 6172

Lets get messy sessions for 5yr olds and under !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!