Needs of the Traveller Community in Southwark

In 2000, Southwark Council commissioned a report into the Needs of the Traveller Community in Southwark, which was produced by Maire Gaffney Consultancy.

This wide-ranging report set out the needs of the Traveller community giving recommendations to Southwark Council of how to improve the quality of life for Travellers in the borough.

Though the report was published in 2000, many of the issues are still relevant and many of the problems have not been satisfactorily addressed.

If you would like to read the report in full, please click on the links below:

Needs of the Traveller Community in Southwark- Part 1

Includes the Executive Summary, Main Issues and Recommendations.

1- Introduction

2- Accommodation Needs

Needs of the Traveller Community in Southwark Part 2

3- Educational Needs

4- Child Care Needs

5- Health Needs

6- The Needs of the Disabled and Carers

7- Social Care Needs

8- Employment and Training Needs

9-Business Support

10-Traveller Women

11- Traveller Men

12-The Needs of Young Travellers

13- Community Development

14- Experience of Racism

15- Information, Advice and Advocacy Needs

16- Filling the Gaps

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