Do you need professional advice?

Do you need quality, professional advice? Although the drop-in advice sessions at STAG have now stopped, Blackfriars Advice Centre is still providing a service for Travellers in the area and STAG are More »

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Important Announcement- STAG has Moved Offices

Important Notice- STAG is Moving

Southwark Traveller Action Group (STAG) has relocated to new premises and is now running again.

The new office is located at the Willowbrook centre, 48 Willowbrook Rd, Peckham London SE15 6BW (opposite the Glengall pub, the white house that is attached to the stables).

Despite all the recent changes STAG will continue to serve the Traveller community in Southwark with support, advice and advocacy.


Southwark Travellers’ Action Group- STAG

What is STAG?

STAG is a Traveller-led organisation based in Peckham at the Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum. Its aim is to address the welfare, social and cultural needs of Travelling communities. STAG mainly works in London, though it has also supported Travellers in Essex and Kent. STAG works with both housed Travellers and Travellers living on sites. Most of STAG’s work is with the Irish Traveller community. STAG has been running as a project since 1991, and is grateful to be funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland.

STAG is currently looking to develop into an independent organisation and is actively looking for trustees to join our management committee.

How can STAG be of use to you?

STAG offers 1-on-1 support to Travellers at times of need. STAG deals with a wide range of issues:

Problems with Accommodation: 

  • STAG has worked with Travellers who are threatened with evictions or visits from bailiffs.
  • STAG can help with repairs.
  • STAG can signpost you to help with planning applications.
Benefits and Legal Advice
  • You can speak to a Benefits Advisor at the Willowbrook Centre from 10-12 every Wednesday. Please come before 11am to be sure to be seen.
  • If you have any legal issues STAG will point you in the right direction to receive the legal advice you need.

  • STAG can help with healthcare matters such as applying for GPs.
Work Experience, Training and Education

  • STAG supports Travellers who are moving into employment, training or education.
  • STAG can help with the school application process.
  • If there are any problems with the school or college you attend, STAG is available to tell your side of the story to resolve them.

Personal mattersIf you would like to talk to somebody about a personal, sensitive issue, STAG is available to listen confidentially.

How Do I Contact STAG?

Call STAG on 0207 358 6818 or send an e-mail to or .
Sojourner Truth Community Centre
161 Sumner Road
London SE15 6JL

Do you need professional advice?

Do you need quality, professional advice?

Although the drop-in advice sessions at STAG have now stopped, Blackfriars Advice Centre is still providing a service for Travellers in the area and STAG are committed to making sure that Travellers can still get the support they need.

How is the new service run?

Angela Marke is a very experienced advisor who is taking the responsibility as STAG’s link worker at Blackfriars. Angela will visit the sites every 3 months to make sure that people know about the advice service available and to talk about changes in benefits. If you need to see an advisor about benefits, debt, letters you don’t understand, call STAG on 02073586818and we will make a referral.

We will arrange an appointment for you with Blackfriars which will take place at their office in Camberwell (click here for map) . Depending on the issue and how urgent it is, an appointment will be made for you which will last either 30 minutes or 1 hour. You will not have to wait for hours if you have an appointment booked. If you miss your appointment twice, we will not be able to rebook your appointment and you will have to attend an open-door session at Blackfriars. This is because there is very high demand for appointments and if somebody misses an appointment this means that another person has lost the opportunity to get advice.

If your problem is not to do with benefits or debt (e.g. a consumer problem), we will not be able to make an appointment. However, if you call STAG and give the details of your problem, we will be in contact with Blackfriars to get you the best advice. Alternatively, you can go to Blackfriars’ walk-in sessions to see an advisor. These run every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Blackfriars offices. We recommend you go on Monday or Wednesday when sessions are less busy, and you should arrive at around 8:30am to avoid a long wait. There is a limited number of people that can be seen at these sessions, so you may not be see an advisor.

If you need help with form filling, STAG will be happy to do this for you. We will treat the information you give us confidentially. STAG workers can help with PIP forms, children’s DLA forms, housing benefit forms etc. If necessary these can be checked by a Blackfriars advisor at an appointment. Blackfriars also have an open-door form filling session on Friday morning for short forms (no PIP or DLA) those who prefer to see somebody unknown.

If you or anybody you know needs advice, please call STAG on 0207 358 6818 and we will be able to get you the advice you need.